Which Personality Test You Should Take as a Couple

Which Personality Test Should You Use as a Couple?

By Kit Steinkellner

We all want to be the foremost experts on our relationships, and one way to do that is taking a personality quiz. They’re always a fun five to fifteen minutes, and if everything works out, we learn something super valuable about ourselves/our partners/our interactions and start fighting less/having sex more.

Of course, not every test is for every couple. We’ll break them down, so you can find the best fit.


soul mates

1. You guys call each other “soul mates” and one hundred percent believe you were fated to be together. When you get into fights, he blames it on you for being a Leo and you snap back that, noooo, it’s because he’s being SUCH a TAURUS right now. You’ve used numerology to determine the name of your future child, and you would call a pet psychic if your dog seemed sad.

Dude, have you guys not used Linda Goodman’s Love Signs yet? This test is custom-made for you! Goodman breaks down how each sun sign expresses and experiences love, as well as which signs make the best romantic pairings and which are better off staying in the friend zone.


Logical Lovers copy

2. You’re both logical, rational, feet-firmly-planted, salt-of-the-earth types. And still, every once in a while, you are COMPLETE MYSTERIES to one another! Why does he/she hate parties? Why are you so judge-y about your neighbors? Why, why, why?

All right, you need to get your Myers-Briggs on, like, yesterday. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test gives you a four letter “type.” When it comes to your comfort zone, you’re either an “I” for Introvert or an “E” for Extrovert. As for digesting information, you’re either an “S” for Sensing or an “N” for Intuition. When it comes to decision-making, you’re either a “T” for Thinking or an “F” for Feeling.  And as for structure, you’re a “J” for Judging or a “P” for Perceiving. Once you know your types, it’s a lot easier to figure out why you, as an ENFJ, are driving your INFP up the wall every time you hang out with his/her family.

3. You guys are a pretty spiritual duo—one might go as far as to call you “The Woo-Woo Two.” You love outdoor musical festivals and there’s always a tarot deck in a drawer somewhere. You’re both dying to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony—what’s a little vomit compared to deep knowledge of self?

It’s all about the Enneagram type test for you two. You will find out your very Tarot-card-like personality types visually located in an irregular hexagon diagram that will totally take you back to the time you were kind of Wiccan in high school.


Crazy in Love

4. You guys love each other like crazy but you are also as dramatic as HECK. Like, you could have your own reality show and it would be the best thing E! ever put on the air. You’d be bored with anyone else but, dang, can you two get feisty.

Dr. Phil to the rescue! Here are a few tests from his book Relationship Rescue that should get you guys on the right track. Bottom line: if Phil is good enough for Oprah, he’s good enough for us mortals.