The Number That Could Save Your Marriage

It’s not your birthday or even your bank balance. If you want it to last, keep your credit score high.

Post Courtesy of the Together Guide

We all know that a high credit score increases your chances of buying a house or securing a car loan. But it also appears to raise the odds that you’ll have a lasting romantic relationship.

That’s the finding of a recent Federal Reserve Board study that analyzed 15 years worth of Equifax data from 12 million randomly selected American consumers. “Broadly speaking, our results point to a quantitatively large and significant role for credit scores in the formation and dissolution of committed relationships,” wrote researchers Jane Dokko, Geng Li, and Jessica Hayes in a working paper titled “Credit Scores and Committed Relationships.”

Love by the Numbers

Specifically, the researchers found that people tend to connect with partners who have a similar credit score, and couples who had high credit scores were more likely to stay together for the long haul. In fact, for every extra 100 points in the couple’s average credit score at the start of the relationship, their odds of breaking up during their second year together fell by 30 percent.

If your or your significant other’s credit is bruised, on the other hand, you might want to put off picking out china patterns. Researchers found that couples with average credit scores…

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