What Wives Really Want Husbands To Know About Personal Hygiene

Sitting around in a greenish cloud of man stank might not bother you or your bros, but don’t assume it will act as a pheromone on your significant other.

“My husband is appreciative of a fresh waxing,” says Paige, 37. “I’d really like to tell him he could use a trim down there, too. I mean, I don’t want to find a pube in my teeth!”

-“There’s very particular smell to the, umm, ‘family jewels,’ says Sadie, 29. “And it’s not always a good one. It’s more like something musty you would find under a pile of rotted leaves. Wash ‘em.”

-“Grow a beard or don’t grow a beard,” advises Leah, 39, “That Miami Vice scruff looks sloppy and hurts!”

-“Listen, it’s not like a fetish,” says Alicia, 27, “but I do not enjoy dry, cracked feet rubbing up against my leg under the covers on a cold night.”

-“I can’t even believe I would need to say this,” laughs Emily, 31, “but definitely wash your butt!”

-“Halitosis is a mood killer,” warns Rebecca, 35. “Honestly, I prefer to make out after my husband has brushed and flossed.”

-Finally, Masie, 31, describes how good hygiene can be a turn on. “ I find it so sexy to wait for my husband when he’s taking the time to shower and shave to be soft and smelling sweet just to come to bed with me.”