Got your attention, didn’t I?

I suspect the men reading this are smiling, but is there a slight frown on the faces of the women who have retired their nocturnal uniform of the single life? Gone are their Victoria Secret PINK “Tee-jamas, flannel dream pajamas AND their favorite Fireside Long Jane jamas.” They’ve been exchanged for the slinky intimate apparel received as lingerie shower gifts. Who knew that the lovely, revealing, push up, erotic-wear lingerie intended to promote successive nights of spicy sexcapades would cause pinching, scratching, ill fitting rib poking, and dermatitis from the metal on that perky underwire bra? Who knew it would require the skills of Houdini to get into and out of such “spice garments”?

Don’t get me wrong ladies. I’m all for creating a date night of luxurious romance, mystery, and seduction infused with the thrill of a fresh conquest on which men thrive. But when, in the midst of your love-dance you trip over that Damaris Chiacchiere Tulle gown, all that romance can be interrupted by an emergency excursion to the ER!

So do we have another option that can provide both the comfort of your PINK jammies and the spice of your lacy lingerie?

I believe I have a suggestion that should satisfy everyone, as spicy as your sexiest lingerie gift and as comfortable as being in your own skin!

In fact, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting.

Sleep naked.

Here are a few great reasons. The first is to strengthen the marital bond. It has been shown that skin-to-skin touch increases the release of the hormone oxytocin- a naturally occurring hormone that has positive effects on bonding and attachment. Elaine Hatfield and Richard Rapson (1994- University of Hawaii), in their article in Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Human Behavior discuss how the release of this hormone increases feelings of trust and attachment with one’s partner, decreases stress, and regulates healthy sleep patterns. Four benefits from the release of just one hormone: increased trust, increased attachment, decreased stress, and better sleep patterns.

The second advantage—and ladies you should be excited by this—is that you can reset your fat loss hormones when sleeping naked. Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet, says the number one thing you can do at night to burn away fat is to sleep naked. Sleeping naked encourages your body to cool down. As the body cools down during sleep, fat-burning hormones are released.
During your nightly snooze, these hormones help rebuild skin cells, bone cells, and muscle cells. If you are tangled in cumbersome pajamas or bountiful blankets, these fat-burning hormone levels will be reduced. So we want to increase fat burning not decrease it.
Speaking of fat burning activities, if you do sleep naked, your skin-to-skin cuddling could lead to a 200-calorie-burning activity call sex!
The last reason is more for the ladies, actually your lady-bits. We know that cotton panties are better than synthetic for vaginal breath-a-bility. Nighttime commando-sleep allows the opportunity for the healthiest option in that department. So be kind to your “downstairs- abbey” and allow the best possible “air-‘condition for her each night.
One thing to remember if sleeping naked becomes vogue in your bedroom: be sure to have a good lock on your bedroom door if there is a possibility of anyone entering your room unannounced. Create the habit of keeping it locked and having a robe handy in case of emergency.