Quiz: How Adult Are You?

Let’s check in on a few areas of your life and see how you’re doing. Give yourself one point just for considering taking a quiz outside of school! Doing great so far.


Question 1:

When you go to the bathroom, what do you take with you?

A.Why would a bathroom visit require additional items?

B. Always my phone. I will go into the bathroom and then leave again to retrieve my phone. I’d rather tinkle myself searching for my phone rather than be alone with my thoughts.

C. Definitely my phone. Also, maybe a laptop computer or even a gaming system. It’s MY time and I’ll camp out for as long as I want.


Question 2:

Do you know what a “dust ruffle” is?

A. Of course.

B. I think it is related to bedding and if I have one it’s because my mom bought it.

C. There is no such product.


Question 3:

What percentage of your phone contacts are professionals?

A. 30% or higher. Got my various doctors, tax guy, cleaning services, heck, I’ve even got an arborist in here.

B. 10% or higher. I have a doctor, a dentist, and some networking associates (i.e., people I drank with in a business setting).

C. 10% or higher. All weed dealers.


Question 4:

Let’s review your bathroom products.

A. I use shampoo and conditioner based on my personal hair type. My skin care would be referred to as a “regime.” I have an electric toothbrush.

B. I use whatever shampoo and conditioner are on sale. My skin care would be referred to as “ad hoc.” I have an electric toothbrush. But it died so I just use it like a regular toothbrush.

C. I steal travel samples from hotels or from people who visit hotels. The dentist gives out free toothbrushes for every visit. I think my last visit was sometime during Obama’s presidency…?


Question 5:

401K, ROTH IRA, W-2, PPO v. HMO

A. I have files on all these things. In an actual filing cabinet. I own a piece of furniture designed specifically for storing files and there are files stored within it.

B. I know some stuff.



Question 6:

What is your coffee order?

A. Fair trade Sumatra drip in the morning and organic nitrogen extract cold brew coffee in the afternoon. I have tested all the coffee shops in a 50-mile radius of my house and workplace.

B. I know my lattes from my flat whites. I appreciate good coffee and I have opinions about Starbucks new rewards star program.

C. It ends with a cchino.


Question 7:

What is your relationship with your parents?

A. Ahhh…the wisdom of our elders. We love to get together and discuss current events and the importance of family. It’s all about quality time together and looking for ways to help them.

B. Ahhh…the magic fairies. They operate as a bank, life coaches, car mechanics, resume writers, and, again, a bank. It’s all about calling them every time I need my social security number.

C. Ahhh…what about parents? Is this a question for them…MOM, DAD, THE COMPUTER NEEDS TO TALK TO YOU. They’ll be right down.


Question 8:

How much do you drink per week?

A. I enjoy a fine wine at the end of a long day of work. Occasionally I enjoy a night out with many spirits. I pay for all my own alcohol with money I earn.

B. I enjoy wine with dinner and I enjoy big nights out with friends. I know what I like and I mainly buy my own, but will drink anything that’s free.

C. I expect all birthday and Christmas presents to be alcohol based. Cash is also acceptable. I will use it to buy alcohol.


Question 9:

Let’s talk about relationships.

A. I prefer monogamous romantic relationships. I am a good listener, and I work hard at resolving conflicts. People generally trust and can count on me.

B. I am reliable and faithful and generally well liked, even by my partner.

C. I was asked to cat sit once. But never again….


Question 10:

How much time do you waste on the Internet, say, for example, taking quizzes?

A. No comment.

B. No comment.

C. No comment.


Mostly As: The Adultiest Adult

Well, well, well, aren’t you the big grown up? You’ve got your ducks in a row and seem to have this life thing pretty figured out. Can the rest of us borrow $50?

Mostly Bs: Moderate Adult

You are doing just fine. Not quite to full maturity but you seem to have a grasp of the major areas.

Mostly Cs: Sub-Par Adult

Not a great showing, friend. Time to ask mom to buy you some big kid britches!