Go Ahead, Go to Bed Angry

Whoever said couples should solve every argument before bed? Sleep on it and you may forget the fight altogether.

Post Courtesy of Together Guide

It’s late on a Saturday night and all the lights are off and I’m lying in the dark listening to the sound of rain. I’m on the couch and my husband is in the bedroom. Maybe he’s awake, too. I don’t know and I’m not going to ask.

We’re in a fight right now and as I adjust the throw pillows beneath my head I try to time my breathing to the sound of drops on the windowpane.

I’m still angry. Very, very angry. My husband—if he’s awake—probably is, too. And, if either of had listened to the old trope, then we’ve just made a big mistake by going to bed with our blood still boiling.

Or maybe not.

For years, well-meaning friends and grandmothers have advised couples to find peace before sleep. Don’t let the argument keep its hold and don’t let the bad feelings fester.

That’s a nice idea in theory, perhaps, but the reality is that finding resolution is an exhausting exercise in finding common ground and, sometimes, just making sense…

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