The good news: Science DOES believe there to be select items in your kitchen to psychologically and physically aid your dinner date’s brain into relaxing, letting go of inhibitions, and opening up to the pleasures that come after dessert (no pun intended).

As we all know, the mind’s control over our bodies is crucial in the physiological process of arousal. Starting with that, we can already get some basics out of the way. If you eat healthy, energizing food, you are probably feeling sexier than if you chowed down on two bags of donuts, right? Spicy food for example, is also proven to increase heart rate and circulation. So whipped cream may not have any effect on your lover’s brain-chemistry, but pull out the wine, candles, and sweet accouterments, and watch their eyes widen while they receive the ever-clear message: TONIGHT, ITS ON.

So whether because of the social or historical implications, their effect on the body, or even perhaps their phallic form (really no other way to put it here – we DO eat with our eyes first), below is our LOVE& list of proven libido enhancers and the science behind them.