Want a way to keep your relationship strong? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are hundreds. But in the world of synching schedules, balancing finances, and sending a naughty picture or two, some are definitely better than others. We’ve rounded up our favorites to help keep your romantic lives organized and, of course, interesting.


Think of it as an app built for two. Couple, as the name implies, is designed specifically for couples, letting lovebirds share photos, texts, videos, doodles, and more. But it also has a practical side, allowing you to share calendars and those never-ending to-do lists that are part of any long-term relationship. (Free, iOS and Android)



Named in honor of the Aztec fruit of love and fertility, Avocado (free, iOS and Android) lets you share private photos, messages, calendar events, and texts. Helpfully, it also automatically shoots out a text to your spouse when your phone’s battery is about to die.




Want to spice things up but are afraid your partner might not be into it? Kindu ($1.99 on the App Store and Google Play) offers more than 600 suggestions and lets each person rank things like “attend a peep show” or “add some spanking to your sex life” as a yes, no, or maybe. Your partner is only shown the shared “yeses,” so there’s no fear of awkwardness or rejection.




While you can technically use the personal finance site on a desktop or laptop (how old fashioned!), Mint is an oldie-but-goodie powerhouse that helps you and your sig other keep manage your budget, sending account alerts and breaking down your spending via category. It also synchs with your various credit cards and banks, showing you just how much (or how little) you’ve saved together (free, iOS and Android).



If you are singularly terrible at remembering your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary, all hope is not lost. Sesame lets you send personalized gifts straight from its app (free, iOS and Android).



Miss binge-watching Netflix together when your partner’s away? Synaptop lets you synch TV shows, movies, and music, meaning that he/she has no excuse not to watch the latest episode of “Orange Is the New Black” and make you re-watch again when they come home. You can also synch files, video chat, and even make a sketch together. (Free, Android and iOS).



This yet-to-be-released app lets couples interact without being in the same place or even talking, texting, or emailing. The app makes dots appear on your phone screen where pressure is applied. When both partners touch the same part of the screen, each phone will emit a small sound or a gentle buzz as a reaffirmation that the one you love is thinking of you (not yet available for download).