Sure, it’s a vicarious thrill to peek over your single pal’s phone and watching them swipe right on Tinder, but bottom line is, as fun as dating can be, there’s nothing sweeter, more magical, and straight up sexier than being hitched to someone who is both a lover and a best friend. Here’s why being married outwits, outplays, outlasts dating any day:

1. Married Sex vs. Sex with Strangers (or Near-Strangers)
A big reason why it’s sexier to be married, is…you know…the sex part. You’re not spending the entire Uber ride back to their place wondering if the sex is going to be even okay. You married your person in part because of the amazing chemistry. It’s awesome to be with someone who knows exactly what you love in bed. Likewise, you aren’t freaking out about whether you’re going to kill it in the sack because this is your spouse, your bae, your soulmate, and you have their desires on lockdown as well. If the ride happens to be a bit bumpy? Well, you can always get back in the saddle tomorrow, no bigs.

2. You Share a Telephone-Sized Book of Inside Jokes
You guys have been cracking each other up since you started dating, and as a coupled twosome, you have inside jokes stretching back years. That secret language not only keeps the two of you continually entertained, it creates a shared pool of memories that make you even tighter. Also, how hot is your spouse when he or she is making you laugh so hard your stomach almost explodes? So hot.

3. You Have a Plus One for EVERYTHING
Not just for your distant cousin Alma’s engagement party in Dubuque. Here’s the deal, he or she is your ride-or-die for life, no occasion is too big or too small to force your dude or lady to accompany you. Don’t feel like grocery shopping by yourself? Plus one! Have to go to the emergency room for a weird rash? Plus one! If you ask, really ask, they have to come. Them’s the married people rules. And it’s super sexy (and comforting) to have someone who will always be your teammate/partner/assistant/friend no matter what.

4. Everyone Else Takes Your Relationship Seriously
There’s nothing that’ll kill a love buzz faster than having your friends or family treat your person like a passing fad. As much as your mom/bestie may like your sweetheart, sometimes it takes making things official for all the people around you to relax into being your support system—and assuming that you will be sharing the guest room (and not the one with bunk beds).

5. You Can Be Gross or Overtired or Flawed and You Are Still Adored
All humans can be grouchy and distracted and sometimes smell not-great. While these imperfections can be dating deal breakers, it’s just the average Saturday morning in a married household. Maybe you don’t always embrace each other’s flaws, but you accept them. No one can operate at a hundred percent at all times, and it’s that raddest thing to have someone love and desire even when you’re at two percent brain batteries.

6. You Feel Safe Expressing Your Fantasies, Even if They are a Little Kinky
In fact, the kinkier the better! A date might block your texts and across-the-board unfriend you if you ‘fessed up to some of your desires, but not so your spouse. Referring to point one, above, even though you might know your spouses’ body as intimately as your own, there is still an endless amount to discover.