It was a late Sunday afternoon and Casey planned something brilliant! He told the babysitter to take the kids to the park for the afternoon so we could have a date at home. He lit candles, folded the laundry, put on my favorite music (Jason Mraz) and even cleaned the shower. Yes, he knows that my love language is acts of service which totally turns me on.  Seeing how much time and intentionality he put into the afternoon was not only flattering, but also showed me how much he cares about romancing me.


Many of us struggle with getting in the mood, especially when our calendars are filled to the max with activities and responsibilities.


But no matter how busy we are, we have to show our spouse that we care about them by being intentional and flirtatious. If you or your partner are in need of some fresh ideas to get you in the mood, keep reading.


  1. Flirt with your wife in public.

  2. Come home in the middle of the day for a quick make out session… which might turn into something more!

  3. Light candles, play music, and spray some cologne.

  4. Text your wife during the day and tell her how beautiful she is.

  5. Take a shower together.

  6. Give her a gentle foot massage.

  7. Check into a hotel room for the night and pamper your wife.


  1. Be naked when he comes home from work.

  2. Initiate sex.

  3. Make noises in the shower and invite your husband to join you

  4. Buy a new bra and panties.

  5. Undress slowly in front of your husband.

  6. Grab his butt while he walks by.

  7. Text him a sexy picture of yourself.

This article was written by our good friends Casey and Meygan Caston over at Marriage365. They have a recurring column in Happily Magazine, that you can read now by downloading out first issue! Follow the link below!