Out of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world there are three—Italian, French, and Spanish—that English speakers find especially seductive. It’s no surprise that they have been uttered by hot-blooded Latin lovers for centuries. Rev up your SO with these intimate words and phrases and share the true meaning of “Romance language.” From sweet nothings to talking a little dirty, here’s your first lesson:

Italians exude passion through their words, facial expressions, and gestures. This lyrical language filled with sounds that roll off the tongue and quicken the pulse.

1. “Vieni qui e baciami, bello/a!” (bello =male/bella = female) is lusty way of expressing that you adore your partner’s beauty and kisses that translates to, “Come here and kiss me, beautiful!”

2. “Mi fai impazzire, amore mio!” uttered with passion during foreplay or right before climax, lets your partner know, “You drive me crazy, my love!”

3. If you want to take command, let it be known. “Facciamo l’amore…piu’ duro! Piu’ veloce!” which means “Let’s make love…harder! Faster!”

4. “L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle” is the last line of Medieval writer, Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy (Paradise volume) that describes “love that moves the sun and other stars.” Express how you and your partner’s love is a paradise within the universe you create together.

French is a language of love that’s famous for it’s “ooh la la” beauty and sophistication.

5. “J’ai envie de t’embrasser” said firmly (yet elegantly, bien sur) let’s your partner know that, “I would like to kiss you.” Before you know it, you’ll be locked into a French kiss.

6. While you and your partner are cooking together or enjoying a meal at the table, you might say “passer a la casserole” which implies it’s time to make love, one of many French idioms that links sex and gastronomy.

7. Entice your lover with the playful phrase, “Faire un partie des jambes en l’air” which literally translates to “play a session of legs in the air.”

8. Borrow one of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s touching lines from his famed novel The Little Prince to show your deep commitment. “Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction” means “love does not consist in looking at each other, but rather in, together, looking in the same direction.”

Spanish is a language full of warmth and emotion. Perhaps this is why some of the most moving works of art, dance, and music come from such a deeply romantic culture.

9. “Tu amor me inspira, tu ternura me conmueve y tus besos me enloquecen” beautifully states, “Your love inspires me, your tenderness touches me, and your kisses drive me crazy.” Use it to turn up the passion yet also touch the heart.

10. When it’s time to take things to the next level and let things really heat up, you can whisper, “Quiero metértela en la boca” which means “I want to put it in your mouth.” This, of course, is open to both you and your lover’s interpretation and creativity.

11. Give your lover an ego boost by letting them know that “todo sobre ti me enciende” which translates to “everything about you turns me on.”

12. Finally, here’s a phrase that practically guarantees a swoon: “La luna controla las mareas, y tu mi corazón”—“The moon controls the tides, and you control my heart.”