It seems obvious that the matrimonial bed would encourage couples to cocoon, but with the busy lives many of us lead, this important piece of furniture often becomes an afterthought. In a perfect world, the marriage bed should be tactile and layered with beautiful linens, but also edited and serene.

Choosing a comfortable, quality mattress is a key to deep sleep (and sky rocketing romance). And, yes, we’ve all read those articles advising us to check the technology at the door. But the actual bed itself is an important symbol of our commitment to one another, and at the risk of sounding dramatic, this first bed we choose together tells a great deal about our hopes and dreams.

Think long and hard about what kind of bed best suits the two of you before choosing one, because this spot is where you will spend each and every night together. Imagine the bed telling the story of your life (hopefully editing some of those tales a bit).

We sourced our favorite well designed, good looking, and sexy beds that will foster marital bliss. There are a few splurge options for inspiration, but also great choices if you are on a budget. All of these beds will help you to dream big and keep love and romance central to your relationship.

Tamara Matthews-Stephenson is an interior and product designer, writer, and the author of Nest by Tamara blog.