A great trip to a new place can involve hours cross-referencing Yelp reviews with Trip Advisor write-ups and at a certain point just collapsing in a heap in front of your computer. You wish some all-knowing travel fairy would flit in through the window, wave her wand, and POOF, there it would be, your perfect 24-hour stop, all laid out for you. Well, you’re in luck. Consider Love& your guide to the most fabulous day-long-dates in the coolest destinations across the U.S.A. Time to get your road trip on.


Want to make everyone in your life real jealous real fast? Tell them you’re going to New Mexico for spring break. If you have a week you can road trip through Roswell and Carlsbad and see all the extraterrestrials/bats. However, if you only have a limited amount of time, say, a day, to pass through, you’re going to want to spend your New Mexico time in Santa Fe. Here’s how to do a 24-hour date in one of the prettiest cities in the American Southwest.


Get to The Pantry early for breakfast. The lines get insane—though it’s worth the wait for the breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros. Everything is under ten bucks and is probably ten million calories and but who cares when the food is this good. Eat up.


Go walk off your crazy brekkie at The Railyard, a 10-acre (yes, you guessed it) former railyard two miles from The Pantry. The Railyard is bursting with adorable shops and contemporary art galleries. It also boasts one of the top ten farmers markets in America.



While you’re in The Railyard area, get lunch at Vinaigrette, a restaurant that specializes in ginormous and glorious salads, because, yo, you definitely just had a breakfast burrito the size of your femur and several bites of your SO’s huevos. Trust us, you want a salad for lunch, and nobody in Santa Fe does them better.


Please say remembered to stuff bathing suits in your bags, because now you’re heading over to Ten Thousand Waves, the Japanese hot springs resort where you can soak and stare at the mountains. You forgot your bikini? Well, the majority of the pools are bathing suit-optional, so if you’re cool with going naked, everyone else is going to be cool with it too. This is also spa treatment heaven, so go nuts, if that’s your deal.


Dry off and head over to the historic and beautiful Santa Fe Plaza. If you didn’t spend all your money at The Railyard, spend it here.



Make your reservation for Café Pasqual’s. It’s on the Plaza and everything is super organic, super New Mexico, and super-super-SUPER delicious.


Grab a drink at La Fonda on the Plaza, supposedly the oldest hotel in the United States (it was founded in 1607!). They’re famous for their margaritas, so grab a couple and bug your bartender for hotel ghost stories. You don’t get to be the oldest hotel in America without a few ghosts up your sleeve….




An excellent mid-budget place to stay is Inn on the Alameda, a lovely hotel with A-plus service that’s a short walk from the Plaza. If you want to throw down some serious cash and really get your money’s worth, the Inn of the Five Graces is a romantic and secluded getaway where the American Southwest meets Tibet, of all places. The results could not be more gorgeous.

The Details

The Pantry: 1820 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

The Railyard: 740 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Vinaigrette: 709 Don Cubero Alley, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Ten Thousand Waves: 3451 Hyde Park Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Pasqual’s: 121 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

La Fonda: 100 E San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Inn on the Alameda: 303 E. Alameda, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Inn of the Five Graces: 150 E de Vargas St, Santa Fe, NM 87501