A great trip to a new place can involve hours cross-referencing Yelp reviews with Trip Advisor write-ups and at a certain point just collapsing in a heap in front of your computer. You wish some all-knowing travel fairy would flit in through the window, wave her wand, and POOF, there it would be, your perfect 24-hour stop, all laid out for you. Well, you’re in luck. Consider Love& your guide to the most fabulous day-long-dates in the coolest destinations across the U.S.A.  Time to get your road trip on.

If you’re headed to the Nashville area, we have the most gorgeous day planned for you. You’ll want a car for this one, there’s a lot of zig-zagging around the city. Of course, this is just scratching the surface of the magic that is Music City. That said, you can squeeze a lot into one day in this relatively-easy-to-navigate, endlessly-fascinating place. So, let’s get started!

BREAKFAST: This is your perfect day, so you get up whenever the heck you feel like. Then mosey over to Hillsboro Village and grab breakfast on at Fido, a former pet store that is now a super cute brunch joint. The heuvos rancheros and the pancakes are choice, but leave room—there will be much more eating before this day is through.

LATE MORNING: Take a beat and walk around 21st Ave. It’s impossible not to drop a little dough here, either at the excellent used bookstore BookManBookWoman or one of the several lovely boutiques in the area (we are partial to Native + Nomad).

EARLY AFTERNOON: Over at 8th Avenue South, you’ll find Jack White’s Third Man Records, a record store that’s going to make you really want to buy a record player if you don’t already have one. Also, this shop has a photo opportunities galore—if you’re looking for a place to snap an Instagram, do it here.

Then go get your bookworm on at the Ann Patchett-owned bookstore Parnassus in Green Hills. The employee recommendations are top notch. And if the books aren’t enough to lure you to the shop, do it for the bookstore dogs. Yes, this store has multiple resident pups, and they’re all sweet as heck (and if you haven’t gotten your Instagram in yet, the dogs are always ready to pose.)

LUNCH: Head over to East Nashville and go eat at the famous-for-a-reason Mas Tacos Por Favor. When people profess their love for hole-in-the-wall spots, this is what they’re talking about. If you need help ordering, you can’t go wrong with the carne and the avocado tacos with chicken tortilla soup and elote ( the corn on the cob of your dreams) on the side.

LATE AFTERNOON: After that big tasty lunch do you need to go get some fresh air and sunshine? Walk around the Bicentennial Mall in Germantown. Want a coffee? Head over to Frothy Monkey (there are a few locations, but we love the one in 12 South). Do you need a nap? Go take one! This is you guys’ day, you do you.

DINNER: Please go to Rolf and Daughters in Germantown, and please order a couple of cocktails plus whatever pasta they’re putting squid ink in at the moment, this is our dearest travel wish for you.

EVENING: You are in Nashville so of course you are going to check out the music scene, right? But so many choices. You can’t go wrong at The Basement over on 8th Avenue South. The venue is the sweetest possible version of scrappy and their taste is A-plus. You’ll come out of the night with five new favorite bands, scout’s honor.


We love Airbnb and can vouch for this Cozy and Quaint Little Guest House, it is an adorable and—at $65 a night—affordable stay. For $88, you can stay in this Private Studio Near Downtown and for $119, you can bunk in this cute-as-a-cowboy-boot Music City Tiny House.

If hotels are more your speed, you can go budget over at the Hotel Indigo Nashville or spend a bit more at the upscale, eco-conscious Hutton Hotel.