8 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

Hot fun in the summer time is especially beautiful when creating shared, meaningful, and passionate experiences with your beloved on a date under the sun or stars. Whether taking an exotic vacation or enjoying a stay-cation at home, here are some of the most romantic (and affordable) activities to heat things up. Warning: a couple’s cold shower might be the only way to cool down!


Wined and dined

Lush vineyards perfumed with ripening grapes stimulate your senses followed by a delicious tasting of seasonal wines. Whether the winery provides light bites or you pack your favorite selection of cheese, olives, meats, and crackers, this day trip is a sensual activity that leaves both you and your love with a pleasurable summer buzz. Plan your date by exploring the American Winery Guide  and check out a range of special events that are hosted in celebration of the season.

Camping at home 

All that’s required is a bit of imagination to create a campsite that is located literally in your own backyard. Grab pillows, a blanket or sleeping bag, a flashlight or lantern and a tent (optional) and snuggle up on the grass or on your apartment building’s terrace. If outdoors is not an option, the living room works, too. Don’t forget to feed each other homemade s’mores cookie bars  to sweeten the mood.


Life’s a picnic

Follow Love&’s “Four Tips From the Pros”  and tailor the perfect picnic menu that will entice and tantalize you and your lover to sprawl out while enjoying a delicious spread of food and drink. A park bench or field of flowers provides a lovely backdrop to lay down your picnic plaid.

Bicycles for two

Dusting off bikes from the shed or renting them along the boardwalk or in the city center can be a playful way to celebrate your love while pedaling side by side. In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”


The love boat 

Canoeing, kayaking, or row boating can be quite exciting depending on you and your sweet half’s definition of romance and adventure. A moonlight serenade on a still pond, an early morning ride in the bay, or partnering up together to tackle the river’s rushing waters are sure ways to bond while paddling in unison. Rowing Review provides a great guide for beginners that you can discover together. 

A “berry” special pair

After spending a Saturday morning picking vibrantly colored and delicious berries at a local farm, return home and prepare them side by side. Don’t forget to pop some into your partner’s mouth. And the sweetest part? Put on aprons and make one of Martha Stewart’s exquisite summer pies  that you can savor together once it’s out of the oven.

Banana split for two

Whether at the state fair, a block party, local luncheonette, or ice cream shop, we all scream for ice cream as the days get hotter. Sharing a decadent sundae with your sweetie spoons up joy by the mouthful. If opting for an ice cream cone, don’t forget to exchange kisses between licks. In search a nostalgic location to celebrate Americana summer style? Check out USA Today’s picks.

Sunrise/sunset road trip

Want to get closer to your partner in more ways than one? Plan a day trip or full on road trip that starts early and allows you both to bask in the glory of the rising sun. Then park the car when the sun sets for a classic make out session under the stars.

Plan a schedule of romantic dates and your summer days will be far less lazy and so much more loving!