When you’re a mom, Father’s Day often means two gifts—one for dad and another for hubby. Love& borrowed this summery idea from our ingenious partner, Lark and Linen, that you can easily make in duplicate. If you can’t find the exact items, improvise from any hardware and grocery store. 

Post Courtesy Of Lark and Linen

I don’t know about you, but I find dads notoriously hard to shop for. My father in particular only ever asks for one three things, and if I have to succumb to buying him one more bottle of cologne for Father’s Day there’s a good chance I’ll cry. Every year in and around this time I rack my brain for a creative Father’s Day DIY or gift of some variety, and, in partnership with Dad Gifts, I believe I’ve come up with my most ingenious idea yet. Enter: the Father’s Day DIY cookout kit…  Not only is is thoughtful (and adorable), but if your family is anything like mine it’s guaranteed to be put to very good use over the next few months, and you may just land yourself a juicy steak out of the whole deal (win win, if you ask me).

2-smoked-sea-salts5-fathers-day-diy_cookout-kit 4-bbq-tools6-steak-branding-rod3-cookout-kit_29-beer-caddy7-diy-fathers-day-cookout-kit8-dig-in



1/ To begin, unwrap all of the items and discard any stickers or tags (they totally take away from the final look).

2/ For a personal touch, open the steak branding iron and add in your own note (mine says “Dig In”).

3/ Start by tucking the taller items (the bbq set and branding iron, for example) in the back, and the smaller items in the front. If you find you need a little extra height, scrunch up some kraft paper and place it in the bottom of your beer caddy before you begin.

4/ Tie 3-4 of the smoked sea salts together using a simple black ribbon and place them front and centre

5/ Make your homemade ketchup and pour it into your squeeze bottle. Add a homemade label, for a special touch.

6/ Tie the entire thing off with a simple black and white ribbon

Bonus points: ensure the beer is ice cold and ready to crack open when you deliver your cookout kit

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