Caprioska Cocktail

When you feel like a lemonade, but remember you’re a grown up…

Post courtesy of  Cooking To Get Laid

Sometimes the simpler things are the best. A Caprioska cocktail is one of those things. Popular in South American countries like Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay among others, this tasty little treat is combines citrus, sugar, vodka and ice to make what is effectively the tastiest boozy lemonade you’ve ever had. The easily accessed ingredients make it soft on the pocket and because crushed ice is best, you can work out any current frustrations you might have while harmlessly smashing frozen water.


2 oz vodka

1 1/4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz simple syrup

Crushed ice



malletPlace several handfuls of ice into a tea towel, wrap it, then beat the hell out of it with a mallet (or something heavy) to crush the ice

Fill two tumblers to the top with the crushed ice, then add the leftover ice to the shaker, along with the vodka, lime juice and simple syrup

Put the lid on the shaker and shake well

Strain over ice in tumblers

Drop a lime wedge on top and serve



*If you don’t have a mallet handy, use anything heavy. We’ve used sauce pans, books, a thermos and a bunch of other items. Get creative. 

*Be forewarned, these things go down like lemonade, even though they’re made with lime.

*You can pre-mix these and pour the mix over freshly crushed ice as you go. Just scale up the recipe and keep the vodka, lime, simple syrup mix in cool place (like the fridge).

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