How to Not Piss Anyone Off on Mother’s Day

Here’s the problem with Mother’s Day…it’s a day run by men. Is that sexist? Probably. But it’s also true. And not fair. Generally speaking, it’s women who work all year to keep things afloat and smooth and then one day we... Read Article

Quiz: How Adult Are You?

Let’s check in on a few areas of your life and see how you’re doing. Give yourself one point just for considering taking a quiz outside of school! Doing great so far.   Question 1: When you go to the... Read Article

How to Argue Like a Lawyer and Win Your Marriage

Lawyers are the worst. Everyone knows that. But they do one thing well: argue. They are professional verbal fighters operating within a specific set of boundaries. Wouldn’t it be nice if our marital fighting had the same parameters—a few rules... Read Article